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Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

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Posted on December 04 2018

Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Who doesn't love Christmas? Even though here in New Zealand we are in the wrong hemisphere for snow, mulled wine, winter woolies and big Christmas roast dinners in front of the fire, we can still enjoy most of those northern hemisphere traditions. And even better, we get to do it in summer!

But it is more of a challenge finding things we can knit, as we don't want to be wearing heavy jerseys in the middle of summer! And getting stuck into large knitting projects using wool in the heat of summer doesn't sound ideal. So small knitting projects are perfect for summer. And what better way to keep those knitting needles active than Christmas knitting!

There are a lot of fun Christmas themed knitting patterns out there which you can buy. But we thought it would be fun to create a free Christmas knitting pattern for all our website visitors!

Free Christmas Stocking Pattern

So.... we created this super cute stocking pattern, which you can download for free here!

Yarn requirements

This pattern needs 3 balls of yarn:




Happy Knitting, and Merry Christmas!