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Knitting Tips & Advice

  • Wool Lovers' Guide & Caring for Your Yarn

    Gemma Dixon

    Posted on September 15 2020

    Wool Lovers' Guide & Caring for Your Yarn
    Wool is beautiful but like all beautiful things, it’s flawed without care and love. Think about how much care you take when knitting the yarn, and care for it after you have finished.
  • Knitted Shopping Bag

    Crucci Orders

    Posted on January 14 2020

    Knitted Shopping Bag
    Now that single use plastic bags have been phased out, we're always on the look out for...
  • Christmas Gift Guide 2019

    Crucci Orders

    Posted on October 29 2019

    Christmas Gift Guide 2019
    Christmas is just around the corner, so we've put together a list of our favourite patterns that make great knitted gifts. 
  • Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

    Crucci Orders

    Posted on December 04 2018

    Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
    Who doesn't love Christmas? Even though here in New Zealand we are in the wrong hemisph...
  • Knitting Advice for Beginners

    Crucci Orders

    Posted on September 03 2018

    Knitting Advice for Beginners
      A good place to start for getting a feel for knitting is to knit some granny squares...